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Where’s the heat?

First and most importantly, WOW!  What an amazing week.  What a pleasure to open the doors and enjoy so many amazing classes with familiar faces and new faces!  I’m loving teaching at the new space.  The Cycle + Fusion class is mind blowing to teach.  Students are finding that when they do 35-40 minutes of intense cardio burn and find the huge release of stagnate energy in the cycling studio before Yoga, they’re really able to “let go” in the Yoga studio. A friend said  […]

Rockin’ Opening

What an amazing weekend!  On Friday night Live Love Flow opened the doors to our friends, family and loyal clients for a par-TAY: there was a DJ, wine tasting with Precept Brands, a bar and a rockin’ party.  I didn’t leave the dance floor (I never do), the DJ was bumpin’ and it looked and felt more like a night club than a studio. It was an incredible night, lots of flow: Madzy, Alison Barnes, my husband and I ended up at Dick’s late night  […]